Henry Wilson

Board of Advisors, Government Projects

Henry Wilson founded Logical Concepts in 2012, to open more business opportunities with the federal government for the indigenous and Native American tribes. Prior to Henry starting Logical Concepts there were very few opportunities in the government contracting space for Native Americans and Indigenous people. Henry is a pioneer and has a passion to help other tribal members, partnering with them and assisting them to bring them closer to government business in their specialty areas. Henry has played a pivotal role in providing proper training, setting up of the business, and helping service government contracts in the United States and abroad. Logistical Concepts has undertaken projects in logistics, energy, construction, major engineering and infrastructure, and education, partnering with FEMA, Houston Independent School District, Rise Energy and others with projects exceeding $100 million. Henry has managed contracts for the government in excess of $1B per year. He is currently helping major corporations with their tax burden, currently in exceeding $10B. Henry has trained hundreds of veterans, immigrants, juniors and seniors in high school and college, and helped connect them to jobs. He is currently training individuals to become first responders.

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