Dimitri Rakopoulos

Senior Technical Consultant

Dimitri Rakopoulos is a senior technical consultant of Truuli Environmental Inc. Previously Dimitri has held C-level positions in medium sized corporations where he led teams in M&A, Business Development, Technical Innovations, and International Development. In Climate Mitigation, his Experience focuses on integrated development of projects converting a Carbon Positive Company to Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative: from a Conceptual phase, to Setting the Strategy and the Road Map to attain set targets. Once Carbon Negative Status achieved, Registering Project with accredited Registries, quantifying the Carbon Credits generated, and marketing the Carbon Credits in Domestic and International markets. He is currently handling a portfolio of Decarbonization Projects including but not limited to Renewable Energy, Hydrogen, Nature Based and Hybrid Technologies for Clients in Energy, Oil and Gas, Maritime and Medium/Heavy Industries. Mr Rakopoulos has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. He held various positions primarily in Industrial Operations in Oil, Gas and Energy fields both in Europe and the U.S.

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