Integrated Decarbonization Solutions

Truuli Environmental Inc is in the Business of Achieving Profitable Carbon Neutrality Through Integrated Decarbonization Solutions™ and Capturing Unrealized Carbon Revenue.

What is Truuli?

Inspired by the pristine natural beauty of our namesake, the majestic Truuli Peak of the Alaskan Kenai Mountains, Truuli Environmental Inc. offers vertically integrated services for holistically approaching the Decarbonization Challenge. Bringing together the best in engineering, regulatory and financial expertise, Truuli provides everything you need to make the important transition into becoming a carbon-neutral enterprise.

Sustainability that’s good for the planet and good for business.

Truuli’s integrated decarbonization solution is a three-phase business model for guiding our clients through the complexities and challenges of emissions reductions while maximizing their financial returns. As an innovative industry leader and first mover, Truuli Environmental Inc. helps you get ahead of the curve and unlock the hidden profits of sustainability.

$851 Billion

Total Revenue of the Global
Carbon Market in 2021


countries have made
the net-zero pledge


of the world’s largest companies
are committed to net zero emissions


reductions required by 2030
to hit global emissions targets

A Letter from Truuli’s CEO

“Crossing Over the Environmental Divide”

Change is Challenging as is the uncertainty that comes with it. We’re called to learn a new language and standards, and demanding regulatory rules and with all this, new models for measuring business success.

We often feel we are walking across unchartered landscapes in need of a guide who knows the terrain. Where does the new economics of purpose join hands with the classic economics of profit? How do they become one and the same, crossover the divide and emerge as a new business horizon?

It can begin by reducing uncertainty through translating de-carbonization initiatives into everyday language and simplifying it’s complexities without violating the integrity of its content. Truuli Environmental Inc. is committed to providing this kind of guidance, and to bridge the classic economics of profit with the new economics of purpose.

By fulfilling this promise, we hope to earn your trust and become your de-carbonization solutions provider, and thereby provide peace of mind to each client, knowing we are there for you whatever your business, wherever you are, whatever it takes…

Welcome to the dawn of a new business day!

Yours Truuli,
Livio Stan, CEO

What We Do

By offering unparalleled carbon impact services that touch every aspect of the decarbonization challenge, we convert obstacles into opportunities and opportunities into business assets.


Calculate your business’ Carbon Footprint and assess its financial impacts on your business.


Develop and implement unique emissions reduction methodologies that lower your environmental footprint and generate profitable carbon credits.


Strategically trade your carbon credits on the market and keep your decarbonization program in the green.

Step 1. Measure

Establishing your “business as usual” emissions baseline
Emissions Inventory

Our team gathers operational data across facilities and locations to take stock of your environmental footprint and predict its market impact.

Supply Chain Estimate

We calculate your extended supply chain’s contribution to your total emissions output using approved methodologies and supplier data.

Product Life Cycle Analysis

A full life cycle assessment is a methodology for assessing environmental impacts associated with all the stages of the life cycle of a commercial product, process, or service.

Step 2. Manage

Develop and implement methodologies that generate carbon credits.
Methodology Development

Utilizing our engineering and regulatory expertise, Truuli develops and writes up methodologies and gets them approved by the appropriate carbon offset registry, ensuring your decarbonization programs are eligible to earn carbon credits.

Project Implementation

We’ll connect you with our ecosystem of technologies and suppliers you need to enact your new process or manage any carbon offset programs you need to put in place.

Registration, Verification and Validation

Truuli works closely with the carbon offset registry to ensure that carbon credits represent genuine and verifiable emissions reductions. It enhances the transparency and credibility of the carbon credits, providing assurance to buyers and promoting confidence in the integrity of the projects that generate carbon credits. Once the verification process is complete, the carbon credits are certified and registered in a recognized registry.

Step 3. Monetize

Develop and implement methodologies that generate carbon credits.
New Carbon Credits Issuance

As a compliant and registered entity of several UN approved registries, Truuli undertakes the exclusive fungibility of the Carbon Credits developed.

Carbon Credit Sales

Our fully managed, carbon credit trading services utilize your carbon assets to open a profitable additional revenue stream.

Tax Credit Acquisition

Truuli identifies, obtains, and maximizes the benefits of all environmental tax credits your program is eligible for.

Its All About Trust

People buy from people they trust, and trust must be earned. We are pledged to earn your trust by explaining in everyday language how we go about our services and the understandable value we promise to bring to you and your business. This commitment to transparency is aided by Truuli® being a seamless solutions provider so there is no need to go to several suppliers, making it easier to assess the consistency of our promises and the effectiveness of our services.

Truuli has partnered with
Agriculture and Food

New developments in sustainable farming put the agriculture sector in a good position to reduce their emissions and enter the carbon market.


With demand for electric vehicles on the rise, decarbonization services can help manufacturers make the transition while reducing their own emissions.


Decarbonization services are a natural fit with sustainable building practices and help provide additional revenue through carbon credits.


By participating in decarbonization projects, energy companies can reduce their emissions and enhance their positioning in the clean energy sector


Heavy industries such as steel, cement and plastics can balance their necessary emissions by participating in offshoot projects and the carbon credit market.


By reducing emissions in their energy use and transportation, mining companies can achieve lower emissions and generate carbon credits.

Shipping and Transport

As a high impact sector, shipping and aviation companies can greatly benefit from adopting decarbonization solutions to reduce emissions across the whole supply chain.

Waste Management

Decarbonization processes can help the industry curb problem GHG emissions from recycling plants and landfills, supporting the industry’s sustainability mission.

Real Estate - Commercial and Industrial

New technologies are developed continuously to help buildings become more energy efficient and to reduce emissions. Enhancing the building footprint can also helps generating Carbon Credit Reduction hence additional revenues.

Our Team

Truuli’s leadership consists of a passionate and experienced team from across the manufacturing, financial, and environmental industries, bringing a wealth of insight and expertise to guide our organization.

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Truuli works alongside industry leaders in the engineering, financial, and environmental sectors.

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